Delivering excellence


In an industry dominated by outdated processes and systems, our distinctive edge lies in establishing genuine transparent partnerships and our agile approach to operational and business management. Our leadership has experience across all aspects of the resource sector business and operations, with an ability to provide a full end-to-end solution. By understanding the needs of our client, we are able to provide more effective and efficient solutions, with a particular focus on delivering people-based solutions to optimise operational outcomes.



Core Crew is part of the Xenco group, which is a diversified group offering simplified solutions. At Core Crew, our team are operational leaders in the resources industry, with experience across all facets of operational and executive management.

Our approach is grounded in proven methods, offering managed solutions to the resources and mining industry to solve complex operational challenges. We have industry experience in fully outsourced operations, or we can run specific parts of the operation and business. Our own teams of highly skilled operators are supported by our own operational and executive leaders. These cohesive teams help us to provide flexible and tailored solutions. When Core Crew commits to delivering outcomes, our commitment is a dedication to ensuring that our clients experience real, measurable benefits from our partnership.


We are able to service requirements from whole of business management through to specific operational requirements, this means that we not only engage the operational teams but also extend to support, logistics, and site services where required. This approach ensures a holistic and integrated operational strategy, where every component works in harmony to achieve overall success.

The result is a unified and streamlined operation that enhances efficiency and maximises the impact of our services.

Our expertise spans every corner of a mine’s operation and business, from safety protocols to production optimisation, maintenance strategies, site and executive management, and the intricacies of inbound and outbound logistics. This comprehensive understanding allows us to navigate the complexities of the industry with precision and foresight.

Our strength is our understanding of operations and ability to rapidly deploy tailored solutions.




Our specialised framework for search and assessment consists of an innovative form of behavioural interviewing with a key emphasis on performance outcomes throughout all stages in the recruitment and assessment process. To ensure we maintain consistency and remove any personal or other biases that may impact the recruitment, we underpin this process with a number of screening and assessment tools.

This framework allows us to actively develop our recruitment and selection processes, as well as increase job satisfaction and decrease candidate turnover. Our framework is specifically designed to be flexible with the ability to accommodate all role types, including a comprehensive executive search and short turnaround roles.


Our Skill Start program is an innovative and proven approach for hiring and onboarding new to industry entrants. With a competitive labour market our ability to respond and provide new approaches to competing for talent enables us to quickly achieve successful hiring outcomes. We ensure that people that are new to industry are safely, quickly, and efficiently brought up to the required level.